POI Genie

POI Genie gives you a smart and simple way of creating YOUR OWN ‘Point Of Interest’ (POI) file for any location in the world – with your own custom icon!

With the CLICK - CREATE - GO simplicity of POI Genie, you can easily create a custom POI file that your clients, visitors and friends can save to their Sat Nav system and drive directly to where they need to be.

In three simple steps you can create a POI file for use with most popular satellite navigation systems including TomTom, Garmin, Magellan and NavMan.


'X' Marks The Spot

Find your location. Either enter an address, a post code or GPS coordinates in any format. For incredible simplicity you can even just click anywhere on our map of the world!


Add the detail.

Give your custom file its own unique name and add your company logo (which will be displayed as an icon on the Sat Nav screen). You can even include your contact details!


Download & Distribute

Once saved, you can download your finished file & add it to your website or distribute as an email attachment for your customers and visitors to use.

Create unique POI files for any purpose including...

  • Create ‘e-business card’ POI files for your company & distribute via your website or by email
  • Mobile staff – create ‘appointment POIs’ – no more maps, no more missed appointments!
  • Logistics – driver / drop management directly from your PC
  • FUN STUFF!! – Create POI files for your favorite venues, attractions, walks, climbs, ice cream shops (!) In fact – anything you like, anywhere you like.
  • SHARE your POI files with others from around the world. Get your business listed in our directory & get customers and visitors driving straight to your door.

Start Creating

What is this all about?

A 'POI' or Point Of Interest is a tiny file for your Satellite Navigation system that can guide you to a very specific spot anywhere on the map. Most systems arrive with an array of (often useless!) points of interest from shops and restaurants through to churches, football stadiums, airports and ferry terminals.

There is a vast array of downloadable POI files available on the internet for almost every category imaginable. POI Genie is the only site that enables you to create your own point of interest files with your own custom icon. You, your visitors and customers can then save this file to their Sat Nav device and drive to the exact point you specify.

Use POI Genie for your office or your place of business – whether that is one location or one hundred.

EVENT-POI! – Send visitors to your events personalised directions for their Sat Nav system. Works for any event – conferences, weddings, parties, meetings etc.

When you join up you will have access to our unique POI creator allowing you to create an infinite number of personal poi files for your Sat Nav system. You can also save these poi files for later use in your poi library and download and distribute them to your clients, friends and family at any time.

As a member you can browse our huge database and download an enormous range of different POIs including tomtom speed camera poi files, truck stop poi files, caravanning poi files, business poi files and some personal favourites from the sites creators.

Basic membership is currently COMPLETELY FREE so join today & start creating!.


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